May   2004

[BOARD OF GOVERNORS] The 2004 Annual Board of Governors Meeting was held on campus in May.
The Board of Governors approved a far-reaching reform in the University Governance. A new constitution establishes a unitary system of governance replacing the dual system, in place since the establishment of the University.
At the Honorary Degrees Conferment Ceremony, a degree of doctor philosophiae honoris causa was bestowed upon: Nobel Laureate, Physicist Prof. Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, France; President of the Sorbonne Prof. Jean-Robert Pitte, France; Author David Grossman, Israel; Chairman of Teva Pharmaceutical Group, Eli Hurvitz, Israel; and TAU supporters Dr. Mario Arthur Adler, Brazil; Alan L. Aufzien, USA; Dr. Arturo Constantiner, USA/Mexico; Norma Cummings, Canada; Dr. Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor, Israel.
Honorary Fellowships were awarded to: Advocate François Brunschwig, Switzerland and to Mrs. Varda Yoran, USA.
The Dan David Prizes 2004 were awarded in the presence of Moshe Katsav, President of the State of Israel, in an impressive ceremony held in the Smolarz Auditorium. Prizes laureates were: - The Cities of Jerusalem, Rome and Istanbul for their historical heritage; - Dr. Klaus Schwab, Switzerland, founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum; - Brain researchers Dr. Robert Wurtz, USA; Dr. Amiram Grinvald, Israel; and Dr. William Newsome, USA.
The President`s Award was awarded to Jack Lanzer, Australia, and to Yehuda Assia, Israel.
During the Board of Governors Meeting other prizes were awarded: The Ramniceanu Prize in Economics to Gil Shwed, Chairman and CEO of Check Point Technologies Software Ltd.; the Adler Prize for Child Welfare; the Henri Glasberg Prize for Volunteer Students, the Stockholm Junior Water Prize; the Max Perlman Award for Excellence in Global Business Management 2004 to Raviv Zoller - President and CEO, Ness Technologies; the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Prize in Physical Sciences to Prof. Andrea M. Ghez and Prof. Adam G. Riess, USA; and the Dr. Jaime Constantiner Award in Jewish Education to The Hebrew Tarbut School, Mexico City. Prof. Chaim Gans, Buchmann Faculty of Law, received the Minkoff Prize for Excellence in Law 2004.
The Board featured the International Howard Gilman conference entitled: Crisscrossed Glances, a forum of Israeli and French intellectuals, under the auspices of the Foreign Ministers of France and Israel, who discussed, over three days, the disparity between the two countries, and ways to bridge the gap.
Other conferences during the Board included: The Second John Gandel Symposium on Islam and the West; The Annual Symposium of the Adler Research Center for Child Welfare as well as a conference entitled The Future of Jewish Settlements in Light of the Disengagement Program. The Dan David Prize Laureates held a Brain Sciences Symposium. A Conference Homage to Tel Aviv: A City of World Heritage was held in acknowledgement of the City of Tel Aviv being recognized as a World Heritage Site due to its concentration of Bauhaus architecture.
During the Board meeting 20 projects were dedicated:
[2 New Schools] The Zandman-Slaner Graduate School of Engineering by Felix and Ruta Zandman; and an inaugural symposium of the School for Public Health.
[6 New Programs] The Akirov Fellowship Program; Evens Mediation and Conflict Resolution Program donated by the Evens Foundation, France; Horizons Program: The Study of Judaism as Culture funded by the Posen Foundation, UK; The Zimmerman-Yampolsky Early Childhood Development Program; Argentina Scholarship Program; the Albert Paula and Noah Mozes Program in Creative Writing.
[4 New Institutes] The Institute for the History of Polish Jewry and Israel-Poland Relations funded by Israeli donors; International Institute for Experimental Astrophysics; and Elba Cuenca Institute for Anti-Aging Therapy Research and the Eli Hurvitz Institute for Strategic Management.
[2 New Funds] Henry and Miriam Greenfield Perpetual Scholarship Fund for IDF Reservists; the Amalia Biron-Cegla Doctoral Fellowship Fund.
[4 New Chairs] Djerassi Chair in Oncology; Jack H. Skirball Chair in Applied Neurobiology; Michael Gluck Chair in Neuropharmacology and ALS Research; the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Chair in Bioinformatics.
[Art Gallery and 2 Sculptures] Fondation Michel Kikoine donated by Claire Maratier; Felix and Ruta Zandman, donated the sculpture "Shoah and Revival" by Varda Yoran, and Francis Wahl donated a sculpture named "Memory" created by Yves Dana.
TAU hosted the First International Homeland Security Conference 2004 organized by the Israel National Security Council together with The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute and Globes Business Newspaper.
The Tel Aviv Conference on Banking was organized by the Faculty of Management, the Association of Banks in Israel, Caesaria Center and the Globes Financial and Business daily publication. The Keynote speaker was Governor of the Bank of Israel, Dr. David Klein.
The German Economic Miracle after World War II was the subject of a conference held jointly by the TAU German History Institute, the Tel Aviv Cinemateque and the Goethe Institut.
The Italian Cultural Institute celebrated the publication of a book by Prof. Gabriel Bensimhon of the Faculty of Arts, entitled Women in Fellini`s Films.
A conference marking 100 years since the death of Zeev Benjamin Herzl was held at Beit Hatefutsoth, Museum of the Diaspora.
FMRC, TAU and Clalit Health Services held the annual Pediatric Cancer Research Highlights Scientific Conference.
Appointments and honors
Michael Steinhardt and Dov Lautman were re-elected as Chairman of the University and Chairman of the Executive Council, respectively, during the Board of Governors meeting.
Yehiel Ben-Zvi was re-elected as the Vice President of the University.
Ilana Ben Ami was re-elected as Vice President for Latin America (in a personal capacity).
Dr. Tomer Lev was elected head of the Rubin Academy of Music replacing Prof. Ami Maayani who retires after two terms of duty.
Prof. David Nevo was elected head of the Constantiner School of Education replacing Prof. Malka Margalit.
Prof. Nadav Levanon of the Fleischman Faculty of Engineering was appointed incumbent of the new Chair of Radar, Navigation and Electronic Systems.
Prof. Zeev Maoz of the faculty of Social Sciences was appointed incumbent of the Brian Mulroney Chair in Government.
Visitors on campus
The Ambassador of Spain, Mr. Eudaldo Mirapeix, visited TAU and met with President Prof. Itamar Rabinovich, Dr. Mark Heller of the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies and visited the Beth Hatefutsoth Museum of the Diaspora.

Editor: Gill Rosner


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