Prof. Gazit Ehud

Affiliation:Biotechnology, The George S.Wise faculty of life sciences
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room 102
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Postal Address:Biotechnology
The George S.Wise faculty of life sciences

Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv 69978

Research Interest

Self-Assembly of Short Aromatic Peptides: from Amyloid Disease to Nanotechnology                                                                                                                         

The self-assembly of well-ordered amyloid fibrils is the hallmark of several diseases of unrelated origin, including Alzheimerís disease, Type II diabetes, and Parkinsonís disease. We suggested, based on experimental and bioinformatical analysis, thataromatic stacking interactions may provide energetic contribution as well as order and directionality in the self-assembly process. Our model recently gained experimental and theoretical support from leading groups and it serves as the basis for the development of novel therapeutic agents to treat the disorders. In the path of our reductionist approach toward the identification of the shortest motifs that mediate the assembly of the fibrils, we demonstrated that the diphenylalanine core-recognition motif of the Alzheimerís Ŗ-amyloid contains all the molecular information needed for efficient assembly into well-ordered, stiff, and elongated nanotubes with a remarkable persistence length, that could serve as a mold for the fabrication of nanoscale inorganic material. We later reveal that diphenylglycine, a highly similar analogue and the simplest aromatic dipeptide, forms spherical nanometric assemblies. These properties of the peptide nanostructures, taken together with their biological compatibility and remarkable mechanical, and chemical stability, may provide very important tools for future nanotechnology applications. We recently demonstrated the ability of the nanotubes to serve in advanced electrochemical sensing.


Peptide nanotubes on a carbon electrode used for biosensors application

Selected Publications

  • Reches, M., & Gazit, E. (2003) Casting Metal Nanowires within Discrete Self-Assembled Peptide Nanotubes. Science 300, 625-627.