Dr. Amir Roey

Affiliation:School of chemistry
Email: amirroey@tau.ac.il
Postal Address:School of chemistry
Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv 69978

Research Interest

From Empirical to Programmed Self-assembly

Complex nanoscale devices hold great promise in many fields, ranging from smart drug delivery systems to electronics. Due to the difficulties of precisely controlling structures in the nanoscale with current top-down technologies, such device should be based on self-assembly of its different components. This bottom-up approach requires the design of building blocks that allow control over the shape, internal architecture and function of their supramolecular assemblies. We are interested in the hybridization of structural elements with block copolymers to yield self-organizing building blocks as a gateway to a large array of highly ordered and complex architectures that are currently not accessible. The ability to design and synthesize such building blocks will open the way for the development of new materials with tunable properties for a variety of applications ranging from manufacturing of semiconductors to medical imaging.

To address the need for nano-carriers for imaging and selective drug delivery applications we are developing polymer based building blocks that can self-assemble in a programmed manner into functional assemblies. These polymeric platforms are designed to carry multiple types of drugs or imaging probes and most importantly they allow control over the release rate of the cargo molecules from the nano-carrier.

Selected Publications

  • R. J. Amir, L. Albertazzi, J. Willis, T. Kang, A. Khan, C. J. Hawker, Multi-functional Trackable Dendritic Scaffolds and Delivery Agents. Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. (2011), 50 (15), 3425-3429.
  • E. D. Pressly, R. J. Amir, C. J. Hawker, Rapid Synthesis of Block and Cyclic Copolymers via Click Chemistry in the Presence of Copper Nanoparticles. J. Polym. Sci., Part A: Polym. Chem. (2011), 49 (3), 814-819.
  • T. Kang, R. J. Amir, A. Khan, K. Ohshimizu, J. N. Hunt, K. Sivanandan, M. I. Montanez, M. Malkoch, M. Ueda, C. J. Hawker, Facile Access to Internally Functionalized Dendrimers through Efficient and Orthogonal Click Reactions. Chem. Commun. (2010), 46 (9), 1556-1558.