Prof. Mendlovic David

Affiliation:School of Electrical Engineering
Tel:  (972)-3-6408245
Fax: (972)-3-6423508
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Postal Address:School of Electrical Engineering
Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv 69978

Research Interest

Silicon nano-photonic dynamic devices


The research activity in Prof. Mendlovic Lab deals with silicon nano-photonic devices for telecommunications applications. The main objectives of the research are design and fabrication of highly efficient passive devices and application of dynamic properties using different physical phenomena \ materials. Currently we are working on three projects. The first is tunable optical filters based on 1D photonic crystal (PhC) cavities. In this project we design high quality passive cavities that form a shaped filter then use thermal modulation to tune the filterís center frequency. The second project is about producing ultra fast EO modulators using 2D PhC cavity. In this project we compare two different methods of modulations (both use carrier injection) and optimize each system both in optical design and material design. In the third project we design and fabricate a tunable Dispersion Compensator Based on ring resonators.

As part of our research activity we have developed a fabrication process as well as a suitable test system so we are able to get experimental results.

Our results so far include the design of a novel ultra small beam-splitting waveguide junction, design and fabrication of high-Q 1D PhC cavities and fabrication of 2D PhC waveguides. In the future we intend to expand our research to other fields such as incorporation of CNTs on the optical silicon chip.

Selected Publications

  • Damian Goldring, Evgeny Alperovich, Uriel Levy and David Mendlovic, "Analysis of Waveuide-Splitter-Junction in high-index silicon-on-insulator waveguides", Optics Express, 13, 2931-2940 (2005)
  • Damian Goldring, David Mendlovic, "High quality 1D Photonic Crystal cavity for optical filters" - to be published
  • Damian Goldring, David Mendlovic, "Tunable nano-photonic optical filters" - to be published