Prof. Arie Ady

Affiliation:Department Of Physics And Electrical Engineering & Electronics, Faculty of Engineering
Wolfson building
room 240
Tel:  (972)-3-6406627
Fax: (972)-3-6423508
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Postal Address:Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering & Electronics
Faculty of Engineering

Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv 69978

Research Interest

The group of Prof. Arie is working on design, optical characterization and applications of nonlinear photonic crystals. These are materials in which the nonlinear coefficient is modulated, in either one or two dimensions, while the linear susceptibility remains constant. These structures are significantly different than the more common photonic crystals, in which the linear susceptibility is modulated.
Nonlinear processes in nonlinear photonic crystals are governed by the phase matching requirements. The modulation of the nonlinear coefficient enables efficient frequency conversion by quasi-phase matching. Moreover, it allows the realization of all optical effects. Our group is studying all optical effects in these nonlinear photonic crystals such as switching, polarization rotation, focusing and beam shaping.

 A nonlinear photonic crystal for converting a Gaussian pump beam at angular frequency ω to a second harmonic Airy beam at 2ω. The black and white regions of the nonlinear photonic crystal represent the sign modulation of the nonlinear coefficient of the Stoichiometric Lithium Tantalte crystal used in the experiment. For more details see Nature Photonics 3, 395-398 (2009).

Selected Publications

  • T. Ellenbogen, N. Voloch-Bloch, A. Ganany-Padowicz and A. Arie “Nonlinear generation and manipulation of Airy beams”, Nature Photonics 3, 395-398 (2009).
  • A. Bahabad, A. Ganany-Padowicz and A. Arie “Engineering two-dimensional nonlinear photonic quasi-crystals”, Optics Letters 33, 1386-1388 (2008).
  • T. Ellenbogen, A. Ganany and A. Arie “Nonlinear photonic structures for all-optical deflection”, Optics Express 16, 3077-3082 (2008).
  • A. Arie, N. Habshoosh and A. Bahabad, “Quasi phase matching in two-dimensional nonlinear photonic crystals", Optical and Quantum Electronics 39, 361-375 (2007).
  • D. Kasimov, A. Arie, E. Winebrand, G. Rosenman, A. Bruner, P. Shaier and D. Eger, “Annular symmetry nonlinear frequency converters", Optics Express 14, 9371-9376 (2006).
  • R. Lifshitz, A. Arie and A. Bahabad, “Photonic quasicrystals for general purpose nonlinear optical frequency conversion”, Physical Review Letters 95 133901 (2005).