Prof. Shabat Doron

Affiliation:School of chemistry
Tel:  (972)-3-6408340
Fax: (972)-3-6406517
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Postal Address:School of chemistry
Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv 69978

Research Interest

Self-Immolative Molecular Systems for: Drug delivery, Diagnostic assays, Signal amplification, NIR imaging
During the course of our work at Tel-Aviv University, we have developed novel molecular systems with self-immolative capabilities. The ability of a molecule to undergo spontaneous domino-like disassembly upon a stimulus event is referred as self-immolative feature. Initially, we developed a chemical adaptor system for targeted prodrug approach. The prodrug is disassembled of the targeting moiety to release the active drug upon a triggering event. Next, we developed dendrimers with self-immolative capabilities and later, we extended this approach to linear polymers and comb polymers. We also introduced a novel technique for exponential amplification of diagnostic signals. This technique is based on a distinctive dendritic chain reaction (DCR) and has the potential to detect a single molecule activity. Recently, we become interested in the field of Near-Infrared imaging. We developed a novel paradigm for obtaining a Turn-ON mechanism in cyanine dyes and demonstrate this concept for noninvasive optical imaging of inflammation in animal-model.


Self-immolative dendrimers, as shown in the picture, spontaneously release all the end-group molecules (drug or diagnostic units) following a single activation event at the focal point. This triggering event induces a cascade of self-eliminations, which leads to complete dissociation of the dendrimer into its separate building blocks.

Selected Publications

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