Prof. Rosenman Gil

Affiliation:School of Electrical Engineering
Tel:  (972)-3-6407446
Fax: (972)-3-6423508
Personal Website:

Postal Address:School of Electrical Engineering
Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv 69978
Research Interest
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Selected Publications

  • L. Adler-Abramovich, D. Aronov, P. Beker, M. Yevnin, L. Buzhansky, Gil Rosenman, E. Gazit, Self-assembled arrays of peptide nanotubes by vapour deposition, Nature Nanotechnology, 4, 849 (2009)
  • A. Kholkin, N. Amdursky, I. Bdikin, E. Gazit, and Gil Rosenman, Strong Piezoelectricity in Bioinspired Peptide Nanotubes, ACS Nano 4, 2, 610 (2010)
  • N. Amdursky, M.Molotskii, D.Aronov, L. Adler-Abramovich, E. Gazit, and Gil Rosenman, Blue luminescence based on quantum confinement at peptide nanotubes, Nano Letters, 9, 3111, (2009)
  • Amdursky N., Gazit E. M. Molotskii and Rosenman G. "Elementary building blocks of self-assembled peptide nanotubes", J. Amer. Chem. Soc., 132, 1563215636 (2010)
  • Rosenman G., P. Beker, I. Koren , M. Yevnin, B. Bank, E. Mishina, S. Semin, Bioinspired Peptide Nanotubes: Deposition Technology, Basic Physics and Nanotechnology Applications, J. Peptide Science, 2011; 17: 7587