Prof. Patolsky Fernando

Affiliation:School of chemistry
Tel:  (972)-3-6408327
Fax: (972)-3-6407137
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Postal Address:School of chemistry
Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv 69978

Research Interest

Nanoscale science holds extraordinary promises to impact crucial issues of our era, such as improved medical diagnosis and treatment, renewable energy, more efficient information technology, and environmental protection. My research interests are concerned with ‘multifunctional’ systems of reduced dimensionality, and their applications for addressing important chemical, biochemical, physical and technological problems. Specifically, the research will focus on the synthesis, characterization of the fundamental physical and chemical properties, and applications of integrated nanostructured materials that combine tuneable optical, electrical and magnetic properties, as well as the study and understanding of the mutual interactions between light, electricity, and magnetism at the nanometer scale. A major goal of this research is to address the "structure-function" relationship, as one of the most basic and central questions in materials chemistry.  A second and more central aspect of the research concentrates on the application of nanowire-based electronic/optical devices in the biological and chemical detection area, with the aim to explore and exploit the nano-scale potential advantages in answering ‘open questions’ in biology.

Selected Publications

  • F. Patolsky, G. F. Zheng, O. Hayden, M. Lakadamyali, X. W. Zhuang and C. M. Lieber.Electrical Detection of Single Viruses.PNAS, 101, 14017-14022 (2004).
  • F. Patolsky and C. M. Lieber. Nanowire Nanosensors.Materials Today, 8, 20-28 (2005).
  • G. Zheng*, F. Patolsky*, Y. Cui, W. U. Wang, C. M. Lieber.Multiplexed, electrical detection of cancer markers using nanowire sensor arrays. Nat. Biotechnol., 23, 1294-1301 (2005).
  • F. Patolsky, G. Zheng and C. M. Lieber. Nanowire-based transistor sensors Anal. Chem., 78, 65-76 (2006).
  • F. Patolsky and C. M. Lieber. Nanosensors and Future MedicineNanomedicine, 1, 51-65 (2006).
  • F. Patolsky, G. Zheng and C. M. Lieber. Nanosensors and Future MedicineNature Protocols, accepted for publication, in press (2006).
  • F. Patolsky, B. P. Timko, G. H. Yu, Y. Fang, G. Zheng, A. B. Greytak and C. M. Lieber.Detection, stimulation, and inhibition of neuronal signals with high-density nanowire transistor arrays.Science, 313, 1100-1104 (2006).